Top 10 Best Selling Handbags

Marri Stevenson

They say every woman should have a purse of their own! Trust me one is always not enough! You have to have an everyday to go bag, work bag, gym bag, diaper bag, date bag. We have four seasons, and it’s important to match and blend. So who says one is ENOUGH????? For the last two weeks, we have reached out to some of our customers, friends, colleagues and families. And asked, of what brands they have in their closet and you will be amazed and thrilled finding out who got the number 1 SPOT!

10. Balenciaga 

9. Fendi

8. Burberry

7. Chanel

6. Hermès 

5. Prada

4. Louis Vuitton

3. Coach

2. Michael Kors

1. Kate Spade

When we were doing this little project of ours, I knew number one is going to be Kate Spade. Despite the tragedy (our condolences to her family), Kate Spade handbags are very affordable and it just never goes out of style. It can be worn anytime of the year. And very popular to teens, and ages from 20-45.

This was our top 10 list of best selling handbags for 2018. We are hoping that this blog helps you decide for your next handbag purchase.



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