Three Eggs

Marri Stevenson

I have two other sisters! You may wonder why this blog’s titled “Three Eggs”. Well here’s the story, we are all girls in the family. Some people would think that we’re triplets, because our Mom would dress us all the same from head to toe just different colors. When I say from head to toe, from headbands, hair clips, necklace, bracelet, rings, dress, handbags, socks and shoes are all the same designs, styles and textures but in different colors and sizes. Like eggs, come in different colors and sizes but all the same when it comes to their appearance. Like us three, when you meet us we all have similarities.

When we were kids, we were all best friends, until now. Promise to keep secrets, sharing clothes and shoes, make ups and etc. And yes we do have siblings rivalry! But that’s what made us stronger to be a better individual. 

Without these two, pushing me to open something I have loved and dreamed of, this site would not happen. I’m really grateful having two beautiful sisters inside and out. They’re always there for me to guide me!!! Love you both!




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