Do you know why your mascara is CLUMPING?

Marri Stevenson

First reason why your mascara is clumping because it’s EXPIRED! OH NO!

Expired mascaras gets dried out, plus bacteria gets in to the formula. You’re putting your eyes at risk because you’re not only putting dried expired mascara, you’re also putting bacteria in your lashes. 

Tip: When you buy a mascara and there’s no expiration date, use a marker and put the date when you bought it and toss it after 6 months.

Do you know the other reason why it clumps?

Because we put TOO MUCH! One or two coats are fine but if more than that it gets very thick. Make sure to comb your lash after applying the mascara to lessen the clumping.

Another reason is you’re not removing the mascara properly. If you’re using a waterproof mascara, make sure to use an eye make up remover. If you leave some residue on your lash it gets really dried and when you apply your mascara the following day, it gives you clump. 

When you apply your mascara, make sure that you don’t have too much on the applicator. Remember one to two coats are good! Less is better to stay away from clumping.

Next one is you have to WIGGLE your wand when you put your mascara. Start applying at the root of your lashes and drag it upward Then gently wiggle the wand.

Remember they say make up should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance your own natural beauty.

That’s why we created our own product to share it around the world. Our products are all organic and safe to use, eco friendly, non toxic, long lasting and gives moisture.



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