Emery's Products

Marri Stevenson

Posted on June 02 2018

Emery's Products

The launching of our site was such a success! Again, thank you so much for liking and sharing our page, following us in Instagram, and buying our items. If you like any of the items that's are sold out, please send me a message because we always accept Pre Orders.

I would like to talk about Emery's Product. We have about 8 shades of lippies. The shades were personally picked by me. From Red to Brown to Nude. I was told and given reviews that the lipstick are very pigmented and really long lasting. 

It's organic! Majority of women love the matte texture, so I decided to launch the first collection to be matte. Emery's lippie won't make your lips dry, it will actually moisturize your lips and it is long lasting. Who doesn't want that??? Price is very affordable and worth it.

We are going to launch our Mascara and Blush Collection SOON!!! Start subscribing to start receiving our newsletters and be the first to know about our NEW ARRIVALS!

Please share our page to your friends, and start liking us in Instagram.

Have a fab weekend!



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  • Rachel Boylan: June 06, 2018

    Absolutely love my Gucci belt! Very fast shipping and awesome customer service! Would highly recommend!

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