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Welcome To Our Closet

At Emery's Closet we pride ourselves on bringing you the best high end luxury brands that we can find. Our passion for high quality good runs all throughout this store. Discover our story and find something that you love today. 

Some Of Our Favorites

What Are Our Customers Saying About Us?

"Wearing and loving my pre owned but brand new looking Christian Dior shades from #emeryandthings"

"Using no. 7 lipstick from @emeryandthings I found out that using my fingertips to spread out the lipstick makes it look more natural and gives that matte look that I wanted. Love how the shade turned out in my lips. Thank you #emeryandthings"

“I love my Emery Lippie. I will definitely get the rest of the shade, 3 more shades to complete my collection!”

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